I never want a client feeling overwhelmed if I can help it! I’ve got your back long before you ever walk through the door. Upon booking, I send every client my Boudoir Cheat Sheet full of tips and tricks with regards to outfits, preparation, and making the most of your session. In addition that that, I’ve made this guided timeline leading up to your big day. But remember—this is meant to help provide you with ideas, it's NOT a list of requirements! Boudoir sessions are not meant to be stressful or hindering, so only do the things you want to do, and ignore what you don’t.

3-7 days before session

If you’re visiting the salon for a haircut or color, give yourself a week to make sure you’re happy with it.

If you wax, do so a few days in advance to avoid redness and bumps. Same rule applies for facials.

Make sure your eyebrows are as shaped and groomed as you’d like them to be.

If getting a manicure and/or pedicure, do so a day or two ahead of time.

Only get a spray tan if you’ve had one before and loved it.

Stay out of the sun if you can. A sunburn will impact your photos!

Drink plenty of water, lower salt intake, and avoid alcohol. (I’ve worked with a hungover boudoir client twice, just trust me on this. It was rough for both of us.)

Carefully cut out all the tags on your lingerie.

Stretch in the mornings and again in the evenings. Consider doing some light yoga sessions (YouTube has plenty of free sessions to follow)!

Try on your outfits to make sure you love how they look and feel!

1 day before session

Bathe, shave, moisturize, and then moisturize again! Clean and dry your hair.

If your nails aren’t done professionally, make sure they are clean and neatly trimmed.

Double-check that your outfits are packed, including all shoes, props, and accessories.

Plan what times you need to wake up, be finished getting ready, and leave your house. Eliminate reasons to rush in the morning! Plan time to pick up your favorite coffee or café drink on the way.

Schedule time to relax all evening. Watch your favorite movie, enjoy a face mask, meditate- whatever brings you peace! Try to get a good night’s sleep.

morning of session

Use clear deodorant.

Keep your feet clean. Dirty bottoms of feet are my most common problem in editing.

To avoid red marks on your body, come to your session wearing loose fitting clothing (braless, sweats or leggings instead of jeans, flip flops instead of tight socks, etc.)

Eat a light-but-nourishing meal and stay hydrated. Don’t come on an empty stomach! I would never want a client to feel miserable during her session just to avoid a little bloat.

Stretch again, at least a little.

Take any ponytail holders off your wrists.

Breathe – you’re about to have an experience that you absolutely deserve!