My boudoir clients do their sessions in many different places—whichever fits their specific vision best. Some choose to do their session in their own home, others rent a special Airbnb or hotel suite, but most come to do their session in my home. I’ve always had multiple spots designated to creating beautiful shots, but I’ve known for a long time that I wanted another, this time with a darker and edgier feel. Everyone has their own idea of what location would look best, but I love having an option where my client doesn’t have to deep clean their own home, make other plans for children, partners, or roommates, or pay rental fees.

If you’re a contractor or carpenter, just do me a favor and pretend you don’t see the hundreds of times tools were inappropriately used, safety was probably violated, and paint was spilled. The theme for this project fell somewhere between “We don’t have the right tool for this, but this might work,” and “Plans A-C didn’t work, so let’s whip up a plan D.”

Lastly, in all honesty, this project would have been impossible without my husband’s help and hijinks, and some serious magic from our parents.